Gala Elegant table

No meal without a message

There are good reasons why many fundraising executives don’t like putting on big special events such as gala dinners. The planning is time- and labor-intensive. Staff could spend hours upon hours with volunteer leadership planning floral arrangements for the tables among other details. Special events are expensive, too. Could you spend less time, effort and…

Conference call

Training for crisis communications

Can you actually train your staff to handle crisis communications? You can! Most organizations have routine fire drills, in which employees physically exit the workplace and gather in a pre-assigned area. In recent times, active shooter drills have entered the workplace. What if a natural disaster creates building damage or flooding at your place of…

User searching the internet

Maximize your intranet

Just as your organization’s external internet site needs constant care and feeding, so does your internal intranet. With strategic thinking about employee needs and organizational goals, the intranet can become an invaluable communications tool to inform and engage your workforce. Key to maximizing the effectiveness of your intranet site is the use of compelling, useful…

Green cave

Thai cave communications

While we sing well-deserved praise for the divers and all who contributed to the safe rescue of the Thai soccer team from that dangerous cave, a shout out is due to some unsung heroes of this ordeal. Those who managed the significant communications challenge performed admirably, too – a great case study in crisis communications. The eyes…