If your website does not reflect your current operations and changes that have taken place in your business since the pandemic began – it’s time.

If your website has not been touched in a few years – it’s time.

If your website really doesn’t represent you, your brand, your business, your expertise – it’s time.

Our experience with large complex organizations – such as multi-hospital health systems – includes website re-development with new branding, new marketing taglines, new services.

Functionality is key – helping the site visitor find the information of interest quickly and helping them take action. In health care, how do I find a physician and make an appointment? Can I contact my physician and pay my bill online?

In the non-profit world, websites should clearly communicate how I can access the services provided, as well as how can I make a donation. Home page content should be updated often to showcase what’s currently happening to fulfill the organization’s mission.

Even entrepreneurs, consultants, individuals in private practice need to refresh their websites periodically.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs invite the site visitor to follow them on social media or join their email lists for news updates and special offers, thereby integrating their marketing messages.

As it was in the beginning of the world wide web, content is king. But the look and feel and function are important, too—for smaller as well as larger businesses.

The Activ Consulting Group recently completed two different website refresh projects for two different organizations.

The Ogden Surgical Medical Society, a nonprofit based in Ogden, Utah, was long overdue for a website refresh. We happily took on the project to create a more dynamic design with a fresh, bright color palette, the addition of photo images, better organized content with enhanced messaging, and attention-getting headlines – all on a limited budget.

One of the key functions of the site is to engage society members – physicians, many of whom have been in practice a long time – in registering for continuing medical education offerings.  We worked to ensure that the font size, functionality and instructions were appropriate to serve this audience with ease.


Another client, Stamps & Stamps, a California-based architecture and interior design firm, engaged The Activ Consulting Group to refresh their site. Their primary needs were to update the design with a fresh look, enhance existing content and its organization, create some new content, and – most importantly — design a more impactful display of the beautiful photos they have amassed to showcase their work.

Our client provided all of the images and text. We created the design and offered editing and proofing services as it all came together. A second phase of the project is about to get under way to create an e-commerce platform for ordering antiques, tabletop items and more.


So what do you wish to accomplish with a website refresh? Some considerations:

  1. Is it time for a new graphic design—perhaps with some updated photo images? New fonts? New colors? Revised or additional content? Any functionality enhancements?
  2. What business goals are driving the need to refresh your site? New services? New audiences? Even the most minimal of sites – for example, for entrepreneurs and small businesses – needs an updated look and current content.
  3. Is your website currently hosted and managed in-house? Do you have interest in outsourcing the hosting/management?

Like all businesses, websites come in all shapes and sizes.  We would be happy to customize an affordable website refresh project to meet your needs. Now is the time!