The Activ Consulting Group is a team of professionals offering strategic, collaborative solutions to your marketing, communications and management needs. We are writers and editors, graphic designers, website designers, media relations and crisis communications specialists, marketers, media buyers, advertising creatives, social media experts, event planners, organizational development professionals, executive coaches and more.

We are what you need – nothing more and nothing less than what you need to meet your organization’s specific challenges and opportunities.

We have experience in small businesses, non-profit organizations and academic institutions. We have deep experience in the highly-competitive health care arena, including experience with hospitals and physicians who have multiple audiences to inform and influence.

The Activ Consulting Group is led by Jane Brust, principal, a strong advocate for integrated, strategic marketing, communications and management practices. Jane’s eyes are always on the prize of building, protecting and promoting an organization’s brand and reputation. Her passion for effective expression has led to a decades-long career in developing strategic messaging for a broad array of stakeholders affiliated with prestigious national brands, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

What can we do for you?