Gala Elegant table

There are good reasons why many fundraising executives don’t like putting on big special events such as gala dinners. The planning is time- and labor-intensive. Staff could spend hours upon hours with volunteer leadership planning floral arrangements for the tables among other details. Special events are expensive, too.

Could you spend less time, effort and money raising the same amount of philanthropy by strategically cultivating a major gift prospect? Probably.

On the other hand, there is a role for special events – including gala events – if the organization has expert communications to hone a message and actually engage donors in the mission. Events are opportunities for your donors and donor prospects to see and be seen AND to hear key strategic messages about your organization.

No matter how large or small the event, offer no meal without a message.

The messaging begins with the “save the date” card and invitation. These items should reflect a theme and generate excitement. The message should tell the recipient enough to know that something important is going to happen either at the event or as a result of the funds raised.

Printed programs, signage, remarks by principal speakers – all of these elements need to reflect the key messaging and create emotional responses among audience members. It’s hard to be moved to support a certain cause sitting in a hotel ballroom with nothing to stir the emotions. A well-produced video and thoughtful remarks by those served by the organization – in the video or in person – can further enhance your messaging in a meaningful and memorable way. What is the need? What is the solution? Why is your organization The One to deliver this solution? Why is this important? What is the urgency?

The Activ Consulting Group has deep experience in producing the kinds of compelling messages that will move your audience to action. Let’s discuss how we can create that movement for you!