Ready to launch a new project or initiative in your organization? Are you planning a kickoff meeting to assemble key players? While that kind of gathering is key to starting the work, keep in mind that it also affords the opportunity for communication throughout the organization.

This short video was developed as a tool to create excitement at the kickoff meeting for a new initiative at a five-hospital health system. Foregoing a narrated “script,” the video utilizes strong graphic words and music to hold the viewer’s attention, accompanied by graphic icons that mimic the icons developed for the hospital websites and marketing campaigns.

Produced for Verity Health System, the video sought to set an important tone and quickly convey key messages for physicians and staff from the hospitals who were meeting to kick off a new electronic health record initiative. Called “Sunrise,” the project would require significant collaboration and compromise across the System. The video was proposed as a dramatic way to foster enthusiasm and promote key messages about the project.

Videos such as this can be effective in starting a meeting or event, and then they can be shown to key audiences thereafter to inform and engage others. Posting on your website with links to your social media channels will reinforce the messaging and provide more bang for your production buck.