In addition to our core services in marketing, communications and management, we are moving into the Fall season with a cornucopia of opportunities to help you make – or continue – your pandemic pivot and move forward.

With less than three months remaining in 2020 – a year full of changes and challenge — we are here to serve your business or you personally in meeting your strategic goals. Visit our website at for more information and complete our form to let us know what interests you.

NEW: Webinar series + consults

Check out the following series of free webinars, which include a 30-minute consultation to address your specific needs.

  • How to Pivot and Move Forward NOW – for your business or yourself
  • How to Magnify Your Marketing through the Pandemic
  • How to Put Heart into Your Marketing
  • How to Communicate in a Crisis
  • How to Enhance Your Creativity
  • How to Increase Cash from Existing Operations

NEW: Services to enhance your business or personal development

  • That last webinar topic might have tipped you off. Would you like to increase your cash flow from existing operations? We have new services in Cash Flow Management to put cash back into your pocket by reducing expenses and accessing hidden tax incentives for your business.
  • Our expanded Photography Services are available to help you tell a story about who you are and what you or your business has to offer. Our services include planning and execution of: compelling images for your website, social media and marketing; head shots—casual and formal; and event photography. We’ll shoot on your site or at our COVID-safe outdoor studio. And it’s not too late to think about your family photos for the holidays!

More opportunities this Fall

If you’re hungry for more, check out these opportunities for engagement with other organizations we admire.

  • Monthly B4B Think Tank

Business owners come together monthly to help a fellow business owner or a nonprofit leader who sits in the “Hot Seat” with a specific business concern. Audience participation is key to offering new ideas and perspectives to help the individual in the hot seat move forward. B4B meetings occur the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. PT via Zoom. Join the B4B mailing list at [email protected] to participate.

  • Workshops for Your Team

You can help your team understand their talents, enhance their communication, navigate conflict and more through a highly customized workshop offered by Turtle Executive Coaching. Whether working from home, school or office, Irene’ Turtle can help you illuminate the unique value each person brings to your organization. Email [email protected] for more information about her upcoming workshops and other coaching services for yourself or your team.

  • Flip Your Marketing Flops Series

ENVY Digital Solutions is introducing a virtual event series, “Flip Your Marketing Flops: Conversations with Marketing Experts.” This series will identify common lead generation mistakes and provide tips, secrets, and hacks for how to prevent or solve these issues.  The first event in this series covers “Facebook Ads Mistakes – and How to Prevent Them.”  The 2- 3-hour virtual event is Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. PT. Learn more at