Ready or not, here they come!

The holidays are upon us.  For some that is welcomed relief from a difficult year. The end of 2020 is finally in sight.

For others, the holidays bring even more stress to end a really stressful year. This year’s holiday concerns are worsened by job loss or insecurity, illness or fear of illness, ongoing disappointment and more loss–including the lost experience of the holiday season as we have always known it.

With compassion and creativity in mind, The Activ Consulting Group offers the following hints for marking the holidays with your employees, clients, customers and friends.

  1. Host a virtual holiday event. Book a live entertainer – music or comedy – to perform via Zoom. Have a contest involving festive holiday décor that can be displayed and judged online for a prize. Invite everyone to wear their holiday sweaters or dress up in their holiday finery.
  2. Give your employees or clients a useful branded item that represents your business and reflects your gratitude for their loyalty. Examples: a coffee mug with a package of coffee or tea; a paperweight for the home office, accompanied by a gift card; a thumb drive packaged with holiday candy.
  3. Consider giving gift cards for local markets or restaurants or small businesses. That’s a gift that gives twice – to the recipient and to the merchant who may be struggling to survive through the pandemic.
  4. Make a donation in their names to the local food bank or other organization. Your people will appreciate your generosity in caring for individuals and families affected by economic hardship at this time.
  5. Give the gift of time. Offer your employees an extra afternoon off for self-care, suggesting a walk in the park, a nap or family time. They will appreciate your concern for their well-being.
  6. Give your most loyal customers or clients a bonus. This could take the form of a complimentary hour of service or some special offer of value from your business.
  7. Cultivate inspiration. Ask your employees, customers and clients to share stories about their favorite holiday traditions or memories.  Make this a videoconference activity or ask them to submit short written notes or cell phone video clips to be compiled and shared.
  8. Express gratitude and plan for a brighter new year. Recognize the contributions your people have made during a most extraordinary year for everyone. Let them know their contributions are valued. Invite them to enjoy their holiday time off, and let them know you’ll regroup in the new year to launch a brighter 2021.

The Activ Consulting Group would be pleased to help you implement any of these ideas for the holiday season. And, as always, we remain available to collaborate with you on the challenges and opportunities that can be addressed with effective marketing and communications. To review our portfolio of services, visit — and make the best of this holiday season!