When was the last time you gave your organization’s marketing and communications a critical look? Is your message on point? Do your graphics support your brand? Is the content developed to meet your strategic goals?

In recent days The Activ Consulting Group took an audience of Kiwanis volunteers from three states “back to school” at their annual district conference in Las Vegas for just that kind of assessment.

The program was something of a Marketing and Communications 101 class. In less than an hour, the interactive session had audience members participating in the critique of flyers, posters, brochures and ads – all based on quick tips to enhance the message and the look of their marketing and communications pieces.

In keeping with the “back to school” season upon us, The Activ Consulting Group is making a special “back to school” offer for two hours of consultation in your office. Armed with some general information you’ll provide beforehand, we will take a look – with you – at anything and everything you want to assess in two hours’ time. That might include your website, your printed materials, social media posts, news releases, brochures, invitations – whatever you have in print or digital form.

At the end of the session we’ll leave you with a prioritized list of actionable steps to improve the effectiveness of your vitally important marketing and communications pieces.

If you are a non-marketer, consider this a marketing tutorial. If you are experienced in marketing and communications, consider this a “course review” on your level.

The two-hour assessment is ideal for small businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as larger organizations that might be looking at a specific event or business opportunity coming their way. Let’s maximize your potential!

Let us know when we can take you back to school to enhance your marketing and communications efforts.