A small business owner recently spoke with The Activ Consulting Group about his marketing needs. He lamented the fact that his niece recently created and posted a Facebook ad for his company – and it didn’t generate any leads.

Our counsel was this: A single tactic – even if it’s created by a marketing professional – is unlikely to generate results. Marketing requires strategy.

Non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses alike may execute multi-faceted marketing strategies. But are they maximizing the dollars spent or executing with a blindfold on, missing some synergistic opportunities?

Following are some examples of missed opportunities in marketing.

  • A corporation plans a lively special event for employees to hear an announcement of new products coming soon. The production of the event is terrific. The remarks by the CEO are compelling. The response from the employees is positive. Yet no one thought to capitalize on that energy by recording remarks from the employees on site and then using those in post-event communications in internal publications, on the website and in social media. Short video comments, for example, could extend the afterglow of a great meeting and communicate the excitement to a bigger audience.
  • A non-profit wants its volunteers and supporters to tour their facilities and learn about some physical plant needs as well as opportunities to improve their campus in support of their mission. They do a great job promoting the tours. Yet there is no plan for follow-up communication to thank the individuals who participate, gather their feedback, and engage them in the planning (and likely fundraising) to come.
  • A small business wants to have a robust social media strategy – because everyone else is doing it! Yet a quick visit to their website reveals that the branding, content and overall messaging is not up to date, inviting or informative. We can post every day on your favorite social media platform, but if that post doesn’t lead your audience to more information on your website, you’ve missed an essential marketing opportunity.

Are you missing some opportunities in marketing?

The Activ Consulting Group is available to consult with you on your marketing goals and ideas. We also will examine what you’re already doing well – and ensure you aren’t missing cost-effective marketing opportunities to maximize your current activities. Let us know how we can be of service to you.