Would you like to maximize the effectiveness of your team as they work together to plan strategy for their work?

Would you like to maximize the effectiveness of individual team members as they work with others beyond your department?

Would you like to have your team members set a performance goal or two to enhance their leadership skills?

A Connective Leadership training presented by The Activ Consulting Group can move your team in these directions.

A recent training began with participants sharing specific words that come to mind when the word “leadership” appears. Interestingly, one of the thoughts was “good vs. evil.” This prompted discussion about the need for leaders who want to grow and develop others in constructive ways. That is what Connective Leadership can bring to your team.

Following discussion of the Connective Leadership model’s nine behavioral styles and several interactive exercises, team members left with ideas for how to optimize their strengths – and how to enhance leadership styles that could be stronger.

Key to the Connective Leadership model:

  • The model focuses on nine behavioral styles that are all effective in different situations. An online assessment allows for personalized information for each participant.
  • The model is about behaviors – not personalities – and behaviors can be modified if change is desired.
  • This is a program that lends itself to ongoing coaching as needed to fully develop behaviors.
  • The connective leader can strive for a well-rounded profile with strengths in all nine behavioral styles.

Each participant completed a written evaluation, providing helpful feedback, including the following comments:

“I learned some practical insights on my own leadership style and areas for developing. I also learned about our team’s strengths.”

“Jane’s manner of facilitating with practical input/feedback made this relevant to our professional lives and made this a powerful leadership session.”

“I gained some ideas about how to leverage the strengths of my fellow team members.”

“I loved the methodical approach to this session and how we ‘built up’ to the discussion of the findings for each person. I liked the ‘no pressure’ approach.”

The Activ Consulting Group is proud to be a certified associate of the Connective Leadership Institute. Let us know how to we can help your team develop.