It’s Time to Retreat with Your Staff

Early summer – before vacations occur – is a great time to plan a getaway day with your staff.  This is an opportunity to review, reflect, celebrate and reinforce teamwork. It’s one of the most motivating things you can do as a leader.

Engage the team members in setting the agenda for the day.  Choose an off-site location that signals this day is different.  Casual business attire will be in order as you want everyone to let their hair down a bit and have some fun.

Before fun, however, work comes first.  Use this time to have individuals or small teams present their key accomplishments for the year to date.  Have they achieved some of their strategic goals?  What are their proudest moments – and why?  Ask the staff to plan their presentations – maybe even creating skits that can infuse humor.

For group discussion, consider what remains to be done this year.  What obstacles stand in the way?  How can the team members collaborate more effectively to support the achievement of team goals?

Then, have some fun.  Go bowling.  Play miniature golf. Go to happy hour.  Do something that gets people moving and socializing together.

I once hosted a staff retreat at Dodger Stadium – an inspiring venue that signaled fun, complete with Dodger dogs for lunch.  Years ago I attended a staff retreat focused on wellness.  In addition to presenting on our goals and achievements, we enjoyed healthy meals (recipes provided), an introduction to yoga and chair massages.

Consider the staff retreat one part business and one part appreciation of your team – which is good business in and of itself.  Your team deserves a day to reflect and re-energize.

The Activ Consulting Group can help you make it happen.  Let us know if you would like some creative ideas to make your retreat terrific and/or if you would like logistical help with the location, catering and agenda for the day.  We can produce a retreat that rocks!