Partners at a white board

These challenging times call for an empathetic partner to think outside the box with you.

Anxiety is high. We’re feeling stressed. Even overwhelmed. You are challenged like never before – and that has you fearful, maybe paralyzed.

How do you move forward with your business? How do you move forward with your career?

Jane Brust of the Activ Consulting Group can be your thought partner to help you find your path forward.

There’s often confusion about thought leaders vs thought partners. A thought leader is an expert in a particular field. A thought partner works with you as a team of two to think outside the box and consider new possibilities.

Your thought partner can bring empathy as well as expertise in listening, creativity, strategy. Your thought partner can challenge your thinking – especially your thinking about how you’ve always done things, because you may need to do things differently now.

In recent years one of Jane’s thought partners challenged her to redefine success for herself. She can do that with you—whether you are facing a layoff, rethinking your small business strategy or re-examining the business goals of a larger organization.

One writer defines thought partnership as “the practice of sharing ideas and experience with others to help them navigate complex challenges.”

Nothing could be more complex than the challenges of our current and post-pandemic world.

And two heads are better than one.

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