Once upon a time, the health care industry had to embrace the outrageous idea that sophisticated therapies could be delivered beyond the four walls of a hospital.

Once upon a time, digital photography came along and threatened the traditional film photography industry — in a really big way.

Once upon a time we started hearing about the “world wide web” as we knew it. Our initial experiences with the internet were timid at best. And now we can’t function without it.

The truth is that we can learn some new tricks. We can pivot in this pandemic.

We must.

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Each of us needs to rethink what we do and how we do it. Steve Jobs said that deciding what not to do is as important as what to do. We need to re-prioritize.

We need to shift.

How are you repositioning your business for success?

How are you repositioning yourself for success in your career–especially if you’re facing a layoff?

If you need some new ideas, we specialize in new ideas. And strategies to put those ideas into motion.

I can be your thought partner to help you find a path forward for your business or for yourself.

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