How will your business celebrate the holidays this year?

Your organization’s employees, customers and reputation will be served well with a thoughtful strategy to mark the holiday season.

For your employees

Plan some interactive festivities that allow employees to engage with each other and have fun. Ask them what they would like to do to celebrate the season. Take a poll or form an employee planning committee. (Be sure to set a budget or other parameters before the committee starts planning.) Ideas:

  • Decorate the office together to reflect the diverse array of holiday celebrations at this time of year.
  • Enjoy an evening party with +1s.
  • Hold a luncheon event for employees only.
  • Give everyone an afternoon off to do some holiday shopping or baking or take a nap!
  • Enjoy each other’s company on a group outing to paint ceramics, go dancing, take a cooking class.
  • Identify a charitable organization of interest and work together create gift bags or collect food donations.
  • Register your employee team for a holiday fun run benefitting a worthy cause.

Whatever the activity, BE SURE to let your employees know how much their efforts are appreciated all year long. Deliver a meaningful message about accomplishments in 2019 and how each of them made a difference.

And if you’re handing out year-end bonus checks: Do so in a personal way with a specific thank you message for each individual employee.

For your customers

There are many ways to thank your customers for their loyalty and engage with them in celebration.

  • Deck the halls of your office or retail location to create a festive atmosphere for clients and customers.
  • Offer afternoon tea or holiday cookies.
  • Invite customers to an afternoon open house with holiday music and refreshments.
  • Involve your customers in a holiday service project.
  • Distribute a heartfelt holiday card or e-card with a message of thanks that is specific to your business and your gratitude for their support.

The Activ Consulting Group is available to consult with you on your holiday messages and celebration. We will create opportunities for engagement that will benefit your business in the new year. Let us know how we can be of service to you.