Female supervisor with female employeeHow do you feel when someone tells you, “Good job!” or “Thank you”? Pretty good, right?

We believe in the power of appreciation to engage clients, customers and employees. A little appreciation can go a long way. Following are tips to enhance your relationships and support for your organization.

  1. Take time to ask your employees, clients, customers what THEY think.
  2. Share information. Keep your employees, customers, clients informed of what your organization is doing so they can get on board.
  3. Be spontaneous—order pizza for lunch or take your employees bowling. This not only demonstrates your appreciation, but also fosters engagement among the team.
  4. Say thank you when you ask someone to do something and AGAIN when the task is completed.
  5. Take someone to lunch to say thank you for their support or contributions OR say thank you with a handwritten note.
  6. Call individuals by their first names. (“Hello, Joe” is more meaningful than, “Hello.”)
  7. Acknowledge effort. Let your staff know you appreciate their hard work before they complete a project.
  8. Acknowledge emotion. Let an upset customer know you appreciate the feedback they are giving you—because you want to meet/exceed their expectations.
  9. Take a personal interest in other people’s families, hobbies or special interests. This signals that you see them as a whole person.
  10. Celebrate success – and acknowledge those responsible in a public forum.

The Activ Consulting Group is available to consult with you on ways to enhance your leadership practices, including work on how you show appreciation. We can assist with best practices that will benefit your business. Contact us to start the conversation.