Here’s the current state of things for many of us.

  • While businesses slowly begin to re-open, many are considering how they will operate differently in a changed environment. What do I need to communicate to my employees, customers, clients?

  • Many professionals are still navigating the in’s and out’s of effective videoconferencing. How do I put my best foot forward in meetings with my clients and associates?

  • Teachers are checking in with their students online in these last few weeks of school. How can I create an engaging recorded lecture to give my students and their parents?

  • Individuals who have been laid off – or who may anticipate a layoff – need to refresh their resumes. How am I going to strategize for a highly competitive job market?

  • Non-profit organizations are working to decide how to replace their vital fundraising events that have been cancelled due to the pandemic. How do I begin to plan a virtual event?

The Activ Consulting Group’s Jane Brust is offering “Power Consult” sessions to tackle the challenges described above.

Email [email protected] to discuss your pandemic challenge and we’ll schedule time to talk and strategize. Please type “Power Consult” in your subject line.

Whether you need one hour or more, I’ll be your thought partner and help you move forward.