Effective communication and feedback are essential to the success of your re-opening.

Maybe you have already re-opened your restaurant or retail shop. Maybe you have some employees still working at home and others have begun to return to your office.

Or maybe you are still planning what your re-opening or return to the office will look like.

Remember, this is a process. You will learn as you go – especially if you are listening to your employees and your customers or clients.

Communication Tips

On your website, in social media and in your email marketing pieces, announce your  re-opening. Indicate any special hours of operation. Highlight any special offers or promotions, discounts or specials to welcome back your customers. Let them know you’ve missed them!

Show (with photos) and tell your customers what they can expect when they come. List the measures you have put in place to keep them safe such as:

  • Masks are required.
  • Temperatures will be checked at the front door.
  • Social distance signs are in place on the floor.
  • There is one designated entrance and one exit.
  • A limited number of individuals will be allowed inside at the same time.
  • Employees are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

Employees First

Your employees should be the first ones to receive the communication described above. Let them know the plan. Will their hours be changing? Will their duties be changing? Will they need training to learn new protocols for cleaning and interacting with customers?

Be sure to ask your employees what will make them feel safe in returning to work.

In an office building or multi-level structure, are hand wipes available outside each elevator? Is there a limit to the number of passengers inside each elevator? What about restroom facilities shared by employees of other businesses or open to customers/visitors?

Will everyone return to their crowded cubicle areas or might work schedules be staggered so that some return to the office while others continue to work from home?

Feedback Counts

Once you have re-opened, frequently ask your employees how things are going. What do they think? What are they hearing from your customers? Pay attention to any specific concerns that might suggest a modified way of doing things and don’t be afraid to make changes. Remember, this is a process.

Is signage clear inside and outside your business so that everyone knows what to expect? Does your message reflect your organization’s commitment to safety? Do you convey a sense that safety is a priority while delivering great customer service?

Be sure your website offers an opportunity for customers to email you with feedback or suggestions, and be sure they receive an automated response thanking them for sharing their thoughts.

We’re All in This Together

Your actions and your communications should demonstrate just that. Businesses continue to re-open around the country even as many states are experiencing increased numbers of coronavirus cases.

We’re cheering for business success, the return of a healthy economy – and safety for all until this extraordinary virus is contained.

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